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Van Life Rent a car


Can I tour the vehicle?
Due to the need to schedule in advance with the local manager. Please let us know when you will be available through “Contact Us”.
Do you offer one-way service (i.e., return a camper rented at one store to a different store)?
We are sorry but we do not offer the one-way service, you need to return a camper to the store you rent it from..
Can I rent a vehicle on the day?
Please make a reservation 3 days before your expected departure date, as it will be difficult for us to accommodate you within 3 days.
Note: Within 2 days for Tokyo Suginami branch
How long days in advance can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made up to 6 months before your departure date.
Are there any available vehicles?
Please check the availability of vehicles through the calendar on each store page. Each store page are here.
Do you accept pets?
Only some vehicles allow pets, please check the cost from the pet page.
How much I need to pay?
With the fee simulator you can calculate the basic fee by vehicle and time.
Note: Different packages and additional services will be charged extra.
Is it possible to change my reservation?
Guests on the Standard Package may be charged a fee for changes, while the Peace of Mind Package can be renewed twice for free, see here for details.
How does cancellation policy work?
When a reservation is cancelled after a successful booking, we will charge you a handling fee.
The handling fee is calculated based on the base fee and the date of application, and the earlier you apply, the lower the handling fee will be.
Note: For details, please see “Fee details” in the middle of each store page, or check here.
About accident compensation
In the event of an accident if you do not join the waiver system, you will be liable for a maximum of 100,000 yen each for the vehicle and the object.
If you join the system, we will cover up to 100,000 yen for each vehicle and each item.
Note: We will charge you for the loss of use of the vehicle whether you join or not.
Are toilets provided?
The car is not equipped with a toilet, so please go to a service area or convenience store if you need it.
What kind of rental goods do you have?
Please refer to this page.
Do you have cooking utensils?
All vehicles are equipped with a mini stove free of charge, except for Tokyo Suginami Store and Kagawa Store.
Note: You need to prepare gas canisters with confidence.
In addition, we do not provide any tableware in order to avoid viral infection and to ensure the cleanliness of the car.
Please prepare yourself.
Can you deliver anywhere?
Please refer to this page.
Do you provide vehicle storage service?
This service is available as a rentable item at the time of your reservation.
However, there are some stores that do not offer this service or will charge extra for it.
Where is your store located?
Please refer to the page of each store.
Please note that some stores do not have a physical presence.