FAQ | Van Life Rent a car

Van Life Rent a car


How many days before the departure is it possible to book?
6 months before departure it’s possible to book.
Do you have available camping cars?
You can check the availability of each desired vehicle type from the detail page of each store.stores
Can I travel with pets?
Not in all vehicles, but it is possible. Please check the Doggie page.
How much do you charge?
Please check the Rental fee simulation page for the calculation method.
Where is your office?
Please check from the store list page.
Pick up is possible anywhere?
Please check each store page.stores
Can I leave my car in your care?
You can select this as a rental item at the time of reservation.
※Please note that some stores do not allow deposits or charge an additional fee.
Is it possible to change the time and date?
Yes, it is. If you booked the standard course, it costs 1500JPY with each change. With the Worry-free course, you can change as many times as you want for free.
Is there a toilet in the vehicle?
There is no toilet.
Is it possible to inquiry by phone?
Yes, it is. If you send us your number through the inquiry form, we call you back.