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Travel with your pet

With a camper, you can travel anywhere with you without having to search for a pet hotel.

Tips for the trip

Before take off
Let them go to the toilet
Don’t give them too much food before the first ride
Exercise a little!
During the trip
Concentrate on safe driving
Take breaks once in a while!


Boarding tips

There is always a possiblity of accidents, sudden breaks, or car sickness, so we recommend to keep the pets in their case.

※We might charge you if you leave stains behind.

Usable vehicle

Please check each store page.List of stores


1 doggie, 2500JPY/day

※Middle or big sized dogs: +500JPY

The fees contain the charge for cleaning and air freshening.


We ask everyone who wishes to travel with a pet that they read the following points, and also to sign a letter of consent.

※Let us know if you are travelling with a service dog.

  1. Let us know the bread of the dog. Depending on the size, we may have to turn down your request.
  2. The pet needs to be vaccinated.
  3. Indoor pets only with no strong smell.
  4. It’s prohibited to perform feeding and excretion in the vehicle. Must be done outside.
  5. Please wipe the pet’s pads before letting it inside the vehicle.
  6. Please pay attention that the pet doesn’t chew or scratches anyting.
  7. The accident or disease of a pet, and accidents or damages caused by a pet are outside of the insurance and compensation policy.
  8. Only dogs allowed.
  9. If you leave behind strong smell, pet hair, or other damages caused by the pets, that makes it impossible to the next customer to rent the vehicle, we might charge you extra fee.