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free course

4 merits of the Worry-free course

MERIT.01No need to worry with the 24 hours road service

Flat tire
We go to the location and change your flat tires.
Stuck keys
We go to the location and unlock the vehicle.
(Locking the key in the trunk, or losing it is not included.)
Low battery
We go to the location and turn on the engine.
Low fuel
We take 10 liters of fuel to the location and fill the tank.

MERIT.02Free of charge for changing the date and time twice

Normally, it costs 2,000 yen (tax included) for each change item (date and time and place), but if it is a safe course, it is free twice!

MERIT.03No charge for cancellation because of flight problems

Even if your flight gets cancelled because of bad weather, etc., we don’t charge you for cancelling your booking with us.

MERIT.04Half price for overtime fee

Contact us one hour before return time concerning delay, and get an up to half price cut of the overtime fee!