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Insurance and compensation


Bodily injury Unlimited
Property damage Unlimited (deductible 100k JPY)
Vehicle insurance Market rate per accident (deductible 100k JPY)
Accident inside the vehicle 50kk JPY/person

Exemption Compensation System

If you choose to join this system at the time of departure, we will continue to provide a reduction of up to 200k yen on top of the insurance.

【Collusion insurance deductible 100k JPY】
【Vehicle insurance deductible 100k JPY】

3,850JPY(Tax included)/day
Tokyo Suginami store only ¥1,100JPY(Tax included)/day

Insurance and compensation is not possible in case of the following circumstances

Car Suspension Compensation

If the vehicle was stolen, stained or been in an accident, and the repair or cleaning is necessary, we charge the following amount as compensation for stopped operation.
Days of stopped operation x the daily charge of compensation

If the vehicle was stolen, stained or been in an accident, and towing is necessary, we charge the following amount as compnesation.
The amount exceeding the insurance fee

In case of an accident

If there was an accident, please follow the steps below.

Help the injured
Please help the injured persons first. After that do your utmost to avoid a second accident.
Contact the police (Get the report of the accident)
Contact the police in all cases, and get a certificate of the accident.
Contact us
We have a 24 hour contact just for this. Please contact us from the location of the accident in all cases.

Follow these steps even if the damage is small, or there was no other person involved.
If the necessary measures were not taken, insurance or compensation will not apply.

Illegal parking

Go to the police station that issued the parking ticket, and do the necessary procedures. Pay the fine. Hand over the reciepe of the payment to our staff when you return the vehicle to prove that the payment was done. If there is no proof of the payment, we charge you 30.000JPY as deposit.

※Once the payment is done and the proof was presented to us, we return the deposit.