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Cancellation / Change

About cancellation of reservation

More than 2 month agoFree
2 month to 1 month ago10% of the usage fee
1 month to 8 days ago25% of the usage fee
7 days to 3 days ago50% of the usage fee
2 days ago-the day before80% of the usage fee
On the day100% of the usage fee

《Mid-term cancellation》
Please contact us in advance if you want to cancel the service. In that case, the basic charge during the unused period will be refunded, but a separate cancellation fee will be charged. If the initial usage period is less than 12 hours, the difference cannot be refunded.

《Mid-term cancellation fee》
(Basic charge corresponding to the rental period – Fee corresponding to the period from rental to return)× 50%

《Excess charge》
If there is no prior contact and the specified time is exceeded, ¥ 4,500※1 (tax inc.) will be added every 30 minutes, and if contact is made in advance, ¥ 3,500※2 (tax inc.)will be added every 30 minutes. (The delay to the loan time is the same amount)
※1:¥2,500(tax inc.) for Tokyo Suginami branch only
※2:¥1,500(tax inc.) for Tokyo Suginami branch only

《Forced cancellation》
We are very sorry that we have experienced many non-payments from foreign tourists.
So if the payment has not been made, we will cancel your reservation free of charge.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Reservation changes

¥ 2,000 (tax inc.) for each change of date and time and rental / return location and van
※The safety course is free twice.
※Please apply for changes 3 days before departure if possible.

Instances of abuse

There have been instances of abuse targeting low cancellation fees due to shortened or delayed reservation periods.
We regret to inform you that at such times we will charge the cancellation fee as it was before the change.

Other notes

《Garbage disposal fee》
¥ 800 (tax included) per trash bag (20kg) if trash remains when returned

《Return full fuel》
If not full, ¥ 3,000 per scale (tax inc.)
※¥1,000(tax inc.)per scale for Tokyo Suginami store only

《About the flight problems》
You can cancel or change your reservation free of charge if you are unable to fulfill our rental contract due to flight problems.